Netgear is releasing a new Orbi mesh Wi-Fi system with a cool, boxy design

Image: Netgear

Many of Netgear’s Orbi Wi-Fi routers seem to look like strange oval towers, but its newest mesh router system has a newer, boxier, and much more interesting design. Check it out:

Image: Netgear

At just 4.1 inches on a side and 2.7 inches tall, I like how small these are. I think they look way cooler than the Orbi oval towers or the multi-antenna TP-Link I’ve got mounted on my wall. That said, the smaller size means the new Orbis aren’t as powerful as Netgear’s recently-introduced $699.99 Orbi Wi-Fi 6 mesh network, not least of which because they don’t have the new Wi-Fi 6 capabilities.

There’s not a lot in the spec sheet to tell us how powerful the new Orbis are. Netgear says they have max speeds of 400Mbps over the…

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