How to rearrange and delete your apps in iOS 13

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

I’ve been using an iPhone since the iPhone 2G, and one of my all-time favorite iOS gestures is what my colleague Dieter Bohn calls “jiggly mode,” which is when you press and hold an app and all of the apps on your screen start wiggling. This means you can move them around and, if you need to, delete them. That behavior hasn’t really changed since it was first introduced in January 2008, but iOS 13 is going to shake it up a bit.

In iOS 12 and older, if you press and hold on an app (without using 3D Touch), it only takes a second before all of your apps start dancing, and you can move or delete them as you please. But in iOS 13, when you long-press on an app, a contextual menu will pop up, like this:

Depending on the app,…

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