FTC Announces $5 Billion Settlement with Facebook, First Preview Release of Fedora CoreOS Now Available, Red Hat Certificate System Achieves Common Criteria Certification, GNOME 3.33.4 Released and Summer Update on /e/

News briefs for July 24, 2019.

The Federal Trade Commission announces a $5 billion settlement with
Facebook. CNN
the deal resolves “a sweeping investigation by
regulators into how the company lost control over massive troves of personal
data and mishandled its communications with users. It is the largest fine in
FTC history—and yet still only about a month’s worth of revenue for

The Fedora CoreOS team announces the first preview release of Fedora
, “a new Fedora edition built specifically for running
containerized workloads securely and at scale”. From the announcement:
“It’s designed specifically for running containerized workloads without
regular maintenance, automatically updating itself with the latest OS
improvements, bug fixes, and security updates. It provisions itself with
Ignition, runs containers with Podman and Moby, and updates itself
atomically and automatically with rpm-ostree.” Note that only the testing
stream is available at this time. You can download the Fedora CoreOS preview
release here.

Hat Certificate System has achieved Common Criteria certification
. This
means that “Red Hat Certificate System has demonstrated conformance to an
internationally recognized set of security and functionality standards.
Certifying against these standards attests that Red Hat Certificate System,
the operating system running it, and the underlying hardware platform, can
meet the highly-regulated and security-conscious needs of governments and
commercial organizations around the globe.”

3.33.4 was released
today. Go here for the
full list of updated modules and changes. Note that this release is a
snapshot of development code and is
primarily intended for testing purposes.

Duval has posted a summer update on /e/
. Read the post to learn more about
the status of the “unGoogled mobile OS” that’s currently supported on 80
different smartphone models and the smartphones available for purchase with
/e/OS preloaded that customers have just started receiving (in Europe only
at this point).

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