Docker Is Porting Its Container Platform to Microsoft Windows Subsystem for Linux 2, Ubuntu 19.10 Will Drop 32-Bit Builds, Children of Morta Still Coming to Linux and Vulnerabilities Discovered in the Linux TCP System

News briefs for June 19, 2019.

The development team over at Docker is porting their container platform to
Microsoft’s Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 (WSL 2)
It looks as if pretty soon, Docker containers will be managed across both
Linux and Windows. See ZDNet
for details.

Canonical and the community behind Ubuntu announced that Ubuntu 19.10 will
officially drop 32-bit (i386) builds
There has been talk of this for a while, but now it’s official. See
for more information.

Dead Mage, the studio behind Children of Morta posted an update stating
that even after all the delays, they still will be bringing the game to
Linux, GamingOnLinux
The project originally was funded via Kickstarter
in 2015.

Security researchers over at Netflix uncovered some troubling security
inside the Linux (and FreeBSD) TCP subsystem, the worst of
which is being called SACK.
It can permit remote attackers to induce a kernel panic from within your
Linux operating system. Patches are available for affected Linux
distributions. See Beta News for

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