Firefox 66 Now Available, the Kodi Foundation Joins the Linux Foundation, Nextcloud Founder Writes Open Letter against the EU Copyright Directive, Tetrate Hosting First Server Mesh Industry Conference and SiFive Announces HiFive 1 Revision B Dev Board

News briefs for March 19, 2019.

announces the release of Firefox 66 this morning
. With this new version, Firefox now prevents
websites from playing sound automatically, has an improved search experience,
smoother scrolling and much more. You can download Firefox from here.

The Kodi Foundation has joined the Linux Foundation. From the press
: “We strongly believe that open-source is the best way to achieve
awesome things. That was and still is what moves Kodi forward. Ever since
XBMP, where this project started, a small group of like-minded individuals
from different backgrounds have worked together to achieve a goal, taking
advantage of each other’s merits and talents.”

Nextcloud Founder and CEO Frank Karlitschek addressed an open letter sent to
EU Parliament members against
the Copyright Directive Articles 11 and 13. The letter was signed by more
than 130 companies and business alliances from 16 European countries.
Karlitschek says, “As founder and CEO of Nextcloud I fear that Articles 11
and 13 of this
directive create a serious disadvantage for European startups. The fact that
more than 100 companies from different European
countries signed our text within a few days shows that I am far from being
the only one. I urge every politician to protect European businesses and
vote against Article 11 and Article 13.” You can
view the open letter here.

Tetrate will be hosting the first-ever Service Mesh Industry Conference in
San Francisco on March 28th and 29th. From the press release: “Service Mesh
day 2019 is hosted by Tetrate and supported by Google, Juniper Networks,
Capital One, and open source foundations including Cloud Native Computing
Foundation, Cloud Foundry, OpenStack and ONF. The conference will bring
together open source experts, cloud providers, customers and industry
influencers to explore the use of service mesh technology in enterprise
environments. The conference will explore issues such as managing
microservices for any app, at any scale, decentralized security controls and
the future evolution of service mesh technologies. Attendees will have a
chance to network with users and creators in this space who are pioneering
service mesh deployments first-hand and participate in conversations that
will shape the direction of the industry.” The full schedule is here, and you can purchase
tickets here.

SiFive announces an upgraded Freedom Everywhere SoC and the HiFive1 Revision B
developer board. According to Phoronix,
“The HiFive1 is a mini development board without video output and can be
connected to Arduino-compatible accessories and designed for real-time
embedded use-cases. But this small embedded development board is available
for $49 USD.” See
for more information.

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