The JS Foundation and Node.js Foundation Have Merged to Form the Open JS Foundation, GNOME 3.32 Now Available, Qt 5.12.2 Patch Release, Kernel Update for Ubuntu 14.04, Debian GNU/Linux Project Leader Nominations

News briefs for March 15, 2019.

The JS Foundation and the Node.js Foundation are merging to form the OpenJS
Foundation. ZDNet
that the Linux Foundation made the announcement this week at the
Open Source Leadership Summit in Half Moon Bay, CA. The OpenJS Foundation’s
mission ” is to support the growth of JavaScript and related web technologies
by providing a neutral organization to host and sustain projects, and fund
development activities. It’s made up of 31 open-source JavaScript projects
including Appium, Dojo, jQuery, Node.js, and webpack.”

3.32 Taipei was released this week
. This version represents 6 months
of work by the GNOME Community and includes many improvements and new
features. The visual style has been refreshed with an brand-new set of app
icons. It also “introduces an experimental feature for Wayland
desktop sessions that enables fractional scaling”. And, data structure
improvements in the GNOME desktop have caused a ” faster, snappier feel to
the animations, icons and top ‘shell’ panel”. See the release notes for
more details on all the changes and enhancements.

Qt 5.12.2
was released today
. This is the second patch release of Qt 5.12 LTS and
contains more than 250 bug fixes. See the Change Files for the full list of changes.

Canonical yesterday released a new Linux kernel update for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
(Trusty Tahr) to fix a recently discovered vulnerability. According to Softpedia
, the security issue affects Linux kernel 3.13 and is “race condition
(CVE-2019-6133) discovered by Jann Horn of Google Project Zero in Linux
kernel’s fork() system call, which could allow a local attacker to gain
access to services storing cache authorizations and run programs with
administrative privileges.” Users should update immediately.

The Debian GNU/Linux project has extended the date for nomations for the
leader post. One nomination has come in so far, Joerg Jaspert, part of the
Debian Account Managers team. ITWire
that nominations were initially slated to close March 16.

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