Audacity’s New Version 2.3.1 Restores Linux Support, NVIDIA Is Acquiring Mellanox, Flickr Announces All CC-Licensed Images Will Be Protected, ExTiX 19.3 Released and Two Fedora Test Days

News briefs for March 11, 2019.

recently released version 2.3.1
. This new version restores Linux
support, which was missing in the previous version, and also fixes more
than 20 bugs and improves Audacity for macOS. For details on all the new
features, go here,
and see also the release

NVIDIA is acquiring Mellanox. Phoronix
that NVIDIA confirmed this morning that the company “will be
acquiring Mellanox for $6.9 billion USD” by the end of 2019. Also from the
Phoronix post: “Acquiring Mellanox is a high performance computing (HPC)
play and now gives NVIDIA more exposure in this space outside of
GPU/compute with Mellanox’s interconnect products widely being used among
high-end servers for Ethernet and other network technologies. NVIDIA and
Mellanox hardware is already used in both the much talked about Sierra and
Summit super-computers.”

has announced that all CC-licensed images will be protected. According
to the Creative
Commons article
, “all CC-licensed and public domain images on the
platform will be protected and exempted from upload limits. This includes
images uploaded in the past, as well as those yet to be shared. In effect,
this means that CC-licensed images and public domain works will always be
free on Flickr for any users to upload and share.”

ExTiX 19.3, Build 190307, was released
last week
. This version is based on the upcoming Ubuntu 19.04 Disco
Dingo, uses the Xfce Desktop 4.13 and the 5.0.0-exton kernel. The developer
notes that “The best thing with ExTiX 19.3 is that while running the system
live (from DVD/USB) or from hard drive you can use Refracta Snapshot
(pre-installed) to create your own live installable Ubuntu system. So easy
that a ten year child can do it! As an alternative to Xfce4 you can run
Kodi 18.2 Leia.” You can download ExTiX 19.3 from SourceForge.

Fedora Test Days are scheduled for this week
. The first one is
tomorrow, March 12, for testing kernel 5.0, and the second is Wednesday,
March 13, for testing Fedora’s IoT Edition. See the Kernel
Test Day Wiki
and the IoT
Test Day Wiki
for more information on how to participate.

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