Microsoft Released the Code for Windows Calculator, Skype for Web Has Launched but It Won’t Work on Linux, Google Debuts Google Coral, Wrath: Aeon of Ruin Coming to Linux and Fedora 30 Wallpapers

News briefs for March 8, 2019.

Microsoft has published the code for Windows Calculator and released it
on GitHub under the permissive MIT license. Ars
that “The repository shows Calculator’s surprisingly long
history. Although it is in some regards one of the most modern Windows
applications—it’s an early adopter of Fluent Design and has been used
to showcase a number of design elements—core parts of the codebase date
all the way back to 1995.”

In other Microsoft news, the company’s Skype team just launched Skype for
Web, so you can skype from a browser instead of needing to install the app.
According to ZDNet,
“Skype for Web requires Windows and MacOS 10.12 or
higher and the latest versions of Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.
That means Skype for Web won’t work on a Chromebook or on an Ubuntu or any
other Linux machine, and nor will it work in the Firefox browser.”

Google this week debuted Google
, a dev board and USB accelerator.
that both of these products “were built around Google’s
Edge TPU, their purpose-built ASIC designed to run machine learning
inference at the edge.” So this means that “with the ability to run these
trained networks ‘at the edge’ nearer the data”, developers are able
“to put the smarts on the smart device, rather than in the cloud. Allowing
them to build smart devices that uses machine learning without a network
connection at all.”

Wrath: Aeon of Ruin is coming to Linux. GamingOnLinux
that “While Steam only lists Windows system requirements, if you
hop on over to the official site there’s a Linux “tux” icon to show it will
support Linux and the press release sent out by 1C Entertainment has also
confirmed this.” You can view the trailer here.

Fedora 30 is scheduled to be released July 30, 2019, but you can see the
30 wallpapers now. 56 wallpapers were submitted, and 16 were chosen
by community vote. See the gallery here.

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