Qubes OS 4.0.1 Released, Plasma 5.14.15 Is Out, Software Freedom Conservancy Fundraiser, ClearCube Launches C3xPi Thin Client for RPi 3 Model B+ and Ubuntu Touch Announces OTA-7

News briefs for January 9, 2019.

Qubes OS 4.0.1
was released
today, marking the first stable point release
in the 4.0 series. Updates include all 4.0 dom0 updates, Fedora 29 TemplateVM,
Debian 9 Template VM, Whonix 14 Gateway and Workstation TemplateVMs, and Linux
kernel 4.14. You can get Qubes 4.0.1 from the Downloads Page.

KDE yesterday
announced Plasma 5.14.5
, the fifth and final point release to
the Plasma 5.14 desktop environment series. According to Softpedia
, besides some small but important bug fixes, this release “contains a
total of 61 changes across various components like Plasma Workspace, Plasma
NetworkManager, Breeze GTK, Plasma Discover, and Plasma Desktop”. Plasma 5.15,
the start of the next major series,
is scheduled to be released on February 12, 2019.

The Software Freedom Conservancy has six more days to collect the remaining
$13,369 of the fundraiser that will be matched by Private Internet Access and a
group of generous donors. Go here to become an official

ClearCube recently launched a C3xPi Thin Client for the Raspberry Pi 3
Model B+, LinuxGizmos
. The C3xPi is $179.95, and ClearCube says it’s the “only low-cost, virus-proof,
single-case dual monitor thin client in the market”. Go to the product page for all the details.

Touch announced its OTA-7 release
yesterday. With this release, users
now can change the keyboard color scheme; a keyboard layout for
Lithuanian was added; the Morph browser received many improvements; and more. See the post
for the full changelog and instructions on how to get OTA-7.

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