Red Hat Releases Red Hat OpenStack Platform 14 and a New Virtual Office Solution, ownCloud Enterprise Integrates with SUSE Ceph/S3 Storage, Run a Linux Shell on iOS with iSH and Firefox Launches Two New Test Pilot Features

News briefs for November 13, 2018.

Hat this morning released Red Hat OpenStack Platform 14
, delivering “enhanced
Kubernetes integration, bare metal management and additional automation”. According to the press
release, it will be available in the coming weeks via the Red Hat Customer Portal and as a component of both Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure and
Red Hat Cloud Suite.

Hat also announced a new virtual office solution
today. This solution “provides a
blueprint for modernizing telecommunications operations at the network edge via an open,
software-defined infrastructure platform”. Learn more about it here.

ownCloud yesterday announced SUSE Enterprise Storage Ceph/S3 API as a certified storage backend for
ownCloud Enterprise Edition. The press release notes that the “SUSE Ceph/S3 Storage
integration reduces dependency on proprietary hardware
by replacing an organization’s storage infrastructure with an open, unified and
smarter software-defined storage solution”. For more information on ownCloud, visit here.

There’s a new project called iSH that lets you run a Linux shell on an iOS device. Bleeping
Computer reports
that the project is available as a TestFlight beta for iOS devices, and it is
based on Alpine Linux. It allows you to “transfer files, write shell scripts, or simply to use Vi to
develop code or edit files”. You first need to
install the TestFlight app, and then you can start
testing the app by visiting this page:

The Firefox Test Pilot Team announces two new features: Price Wise and Email Tabs. Price Wise lets
you add products to your Price Watcher list, and you’ll receive desktop notifications whenever the price
drops. With Email Tabs, you can “select and send links to one or many open tabs all within Firefox in
a few short steps, making it easier than ever to share your holiday gift list, Thanksgiving recipes or
just about anything else”. See the Mozilla
for details.

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