System76 to Donate Portion of Profit from Laptop Sale to Open-Source Projects, 16 New Companies Join the GPL Commitment, NVIDIA 415.3 Beta for Linux Released, Samsung Announces Linux on DeX with Ubuntu and Kdenlive 18.08.3 Is Out

News briefs for November 9, 2018.

System76 announces it will donate a portion of its profits from laptop sales to open-source
until January 3, 2019. Projects include KiCad, Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), Free
Software Foundation (FSF) and the Open Source Hardware Association (OSHWA). In addition, System76
is holding a laptop sale—you can save $30–$100 on a laptop or $160–$370 with
upgraded components.

Hat announces that 16 additional companies
have joined GPL Commitment.
The new companies are Adobe, Alibaba, Amadeus, Ant
Financial, Atlassian, Atos, AT&T, Bandwidth, Etsy, GitHub, Hitachi, NVIDIA, Oath, Renesas,
Tencent and Twitter. Red Hat writes that these companies “are strengthening long-standing community norms of fairness,
pragmatism, and predictability in open source license compliance”.

NVIDIA 415.3 yesterday released its first beta release for Linux in the 415 release
stream. According
to Phoronix
, highlights include NVIDIA installer improvments, NVIDIA settings
improvements, as well as various Vulkan, OpenGL and X.Org server bug fixes. Download
the NVIDIA 415.13 Linux driver from here.

announces Linux on DeX with Ubuntu
: “Linux on DeX empowers developers to build
apps within a Linux development environment by connecting their Galaxy device to a
larger screen for a PC-like experience.” The Linux on DeX app is available as a
private beta; interested developers can sign up here.

Kdenlive 18.08.3 is out. This release mainly updates the build script and has some compilation
fixes, but has more major breakthroughs on the Windows side. A bug-squash day is being organized
for early December. You can download it from here.

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