The Pyua is the proper way to enshrine and play classic Nintendo games

We’re big fans of Swedish designer Love Hultén, whose many retro creations have blurred the line between gadget and art piece. His latest, the Pyua, is both a tribute to Nintendo and console compatible with classic NES and Famicom cartridges. Hultén says the Pyua functions, ”without input lag or degradation to the original games.”

The Pyua can output up to 1080p via an HDMI cable and comes with two custom wireless NES controllers, built by the nostalgic folks at 8BitDo.

Image credit: Love Hultén

If you’re lucky enough to have a Pyua — Hultén occasionally makes his creations available for commission — you’ll have a display case that doubles as a console for your classic Nintendo games, plus wireless controllers, and…

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