YubiKey 5 Series Launched, Google Chrome’s Recent Questionable Privacy Practice, PlayOnLinux Alpha Version 5 Released, Android Turns Ten, and Fedora 29 Atomic and Cloud Test Day

News briefs September 24, 2018.

Yubico announced
the launch of the YubiKey 5 series
this morning, which are the first
multi-protocol security keys to support FIDO2/WebAuthn and allow you to
replace “weak password-based authentication with strong
hardware-based authentication”.
You can purchase them here for $45.

Google Chrome recently has begun automatically signing your browser in to
Google account for you every time you log in to a Google property, such as
Gmail, without asking and without notification.
See Matthew
Green’s blog post
for more information on the huge privacy implications
of this new practice.

PlayOnLinux released the alpha version of PlayOnLinux and PlayOnMac 5
over the weekend. The interface has been completely
redesigned and is now decentralized, so if the website has issues, the
program will still work. In addition, the script is now available on GitHub. This alpha version
supports 135 games and apps. See the full list here.

Android celebrated its 10th birthday this weekend. See TechRadar,
and TechCrunch
for different takes on Android’s history.

29 Atomic and Fedora 29 Cloud
development is wrapping up, and they now
provide the
latest versions of packages in Fedora 29, including all new features and bug
fixes. Fedora Atomic Working Group and Cloud SIG are organizing a Test Day,
Monday, October 1st. See the wiki
if you’re interested in participating.

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