Fedora Silverblue Test Day Next Week, Nextcloud 14 Released, Plasma 5.4 Beta Now Available, openSUSE’s Recent Snapshots and Ansible Tower 3.3 Is Out

News briefs for September 14, 2018.

The Fedora Workstation Team is holding a test day next week for Fedora
Silverblue, a new variant of Fedora that has rpm-ostree at its core and
provides fully atomic upgrades. The test day is Thursday, September 20,
2018. For more information on how to participate, visit the Silverblue
Test Day Wiki page

Nextcloud announced
the release of version 14
this week. This new version introduces two
big security improvements: video verification and signal/telegram/SMS 2FA
support. Version 14 also includes many collaboration improvements as well as
a Data Protection Confirmation app in compliance with the GDPR. Go here to install.

released Plasma 5.14 beta
yesterday. New to this version are
improvements to Plasma’s Discover software manager and the addition of a
Firmware Update feature, among other things. The final release should be
available in three weeks.

openSUSE has released three new snapshots, and the latest brought new
major versions of Flatpak and qemu. Flatpak version 1.0 came with snapshot
20180911, and Mozilla Thunderbird received a major update in snapshot
20180910. See the announcement
for more details on all the recent snapshot updates.

Tower 3.3 is now available
. New enhancements include added
functionality with Red Hat OpenShift, more granular permissions,
improvements to the scheduler, support for multiple Ansible environments
and more. Visit here for a free
trial of Ansible

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