LibreOffice 6.1 Now Available, Facebook Open-Sourcing Fizz, Firefox Advance Is Latest Test Pilot Experiment, Dart 2.0 Stable Released and KDE Neon Bionic Preview Images Available for Testing

News briefs for August 8, 2018.

Document Foundation announced
this morning that LibreOffice 6.1 is now
available. This is the second major release of the 6 family, and it has many
new features, such as Colibre (a new icon theme for Windows), a reworked
image handling feature, an improved EPUB export filter, improvements in all
modules of LibreOffice Online and much more. See this video for more on all
the new features. You can download LibreOffice 6.1 from here.

it is open-sourcing Fizz, a “robust, highly performant TLS
library written in C++ 14”. In addition, Facebook says that “Fizz now handles
millions of TLS 1.3 handshakes every second. We believe this makes it the
largest deployment of TLS 1.3—and early (0-RTT) data—on the
internet.” Fizz is now available on GitHub, and Facebook
hopes that open-sourcing it will “help speed up deployment of TLS 1.3 across the internet and help
others make their apps and services faster and more secure”.

Firefox’s latest Test
Pilot Experiment called Advance
is now available. Mozilla writes that
with Advance, “you can explore more of the web efficiently, with real-time
recommendations based on your current page and your most recent web history.”
Advance is a Web Extension that “works by analyzing content
you’re into right now in order to provide recommendations based on what
you may want to ‘Read Next’ through a sidebar in the browser.” You can
download it from here.

Google announced the release
of Dart 2 stable
yesterday, including a rewrite of the Dart web platform.
According to Google, “Dart 2 marks the rebirth of Dart as a mainstream
programming language focused on enabling a fast development and great user
experiences for mobile and web applications.” See the GitHub

for all the changes.

neon Bionic Preview images are now available
for testing. You can
download the ISO images from here and provide
feedback in the forum.

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