Vergecast: Surface Go, Apple earnings, and HipChat memories

In the thrilling conclusion to our three-part epic miniseries, “Apple doesn’t make the laptops we want,” Nilay, Paul, and Dieter discuss how nothing really matters because Apple is a phone company worth $1 trillion.

Samsung, Amazon, and Tesla earnings are also discussed, along with Farhad Manjoo’s “Frightful Five” thesis.

Then, in “The Bezel Wars,” our hosts discuss the Surface Go, iPad rumors, and the Windows 10 S life Dieter has been living.

Paul’s weekly segment about “Wireless Vapes” is as poignant as ever.

Ultimately, the final question is something like: “How many notches can you fit on the blockchain?”

02:19 – The race to $1 trillion

05:25 – Phones, not Macs

14:18 – Amazon’s cloud power

24:53 – Dieter’s Surface Go impressions


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