New EdgeX Foundry “California” Released, Rust v. 1.28.0 Now Available, Humble Bundle’s Sports Bundle Has Games for Linux, Firefox 63 Will Have Out-of-Process Extensions for Linux and an Update on EFF’s Respects Your Freedom Certification Program

News briefs for August 3, 2018.

The Linux Foundation’s EdgeX Foundry announced its second major release,
. This new release of the EdgeX IoT middleware for edge
computing adds security features, such as reverse proxy and secure credentials
storage. In addition, it has been rewritten in Go, which makes it possible to
run on the Raspberry Pi 3, the official target platform for California.

The Rust programming language announced new version 1.28.0 stable
yesterday. New features include global allocators allowing you to change the
way memory is obtained, improved error messaging for formatting, library
stabilizations and more. See the release
notes on GitHub
for more information.

Humble Bundle has released a new Humble Sports Bundle that includes several
games for Linux if you pay more than the lowest tier, GamingOnLinux
reports. The games include Motorsport Manager, DiRT Rally,
Super Blood Hockey and 75% off Football Manager 2018. You
can check
out the Bundle here.

Firefox 63, which is due to be released later this year, will have
out-of-process extensions for Linux. According to
OMG Ubuntu
, once it’s turned on, all new WebExtensions that you add to
your browser will run in their own dedicated processes, which means if one
crashes, it won’t take your entire browser with it. This feature is already
available for Windows and macOS Firefox users.

that its Respects Your Freedom
certification program continues to grow. The most recent additions were the
and Minifree Libreboot X200 Tablet (both certified in May
2018), and there currently are around 50 more devices working
their way through the certification program.

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