freenode Launches New Job Board, Two More Spectre Security Holes Discovered, Debian Joins KDE’s Advisory Board, Android Malware Found in the Google Play Store and Stable Kernels Released

News briefs for July 12, 2018.

freenode has a new job board. “aims to connect
those looking to hire with the immense talent that can be found within the
wider freenode communities”. The job board is free to use, but companies that
use it successfully are encouraged to make a donation to help support the
freenode network, and the annual freenode #live conference.

Two new Spectre-type security holes have been discovered. ZDNet reports
that this affects any operating system running on AMD, ARM and Intel
processors. Vladimir Kiriansky, PhD candidate at MIT, and independent
researcher Carl Waldspurger found the new vulnerabilities and published a
paper. ZDNet
also notes that so far, no
known attacks have occurred making use of these bugs, but that likely will
change soon.

has joined KDE’s advisory board
. Chris Lamb, Debian Project Leader,
commented that
“The KDE Plasma desktop environment is fully-supported within Debian and thus
the Debian Project is extremely excited to be formally recognising the
relationship between itself and KDE, especially how that will greatlyincrease and facilitate our communication and collaboration.”

Yesterday Greg Kroah-Hartman released stable kernels 4.17.6, 4.14.55,
4.9.112, 4.4.140 and 3.18.115. Users should update right away. (Source:

Android malware called Anubis has been found the Google Play Store. According
to ZDNet, “a cyber crime group has sneaked apps onto the official Google Play
Store which then serve up Trojan banking malware to Android users”. In
addition, “developers of the malware are regularly altering the capabilities
of the malware and will slightly alter the code to ensure that it isn’t
detected by Google Play’s security controls”.

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