Python 3.7.0 Released, Timesys Announces New Threat Resistance Security Technology (TRST) Product Protection, Red Hat OpenStack Platform 13 Now Available and More

News briefs for June 28, 2018.

Python 3.7.0 has been released. This is a major release of the Python
language, containing many new features, including new syntax features,
backwards-incompatible syntax changes, new library modules, significant
improvements to the standard library and much more. See the release highlights
for all the updates, and go here to

Timesys this morning announced a new solution, Threat Resistance Security
Technology (TRST) Product Protection
, that enables “developers of IoT, IIoT,
ICS, and other smart devices to reduce the attack surface of their products,
harden devices, and maintain security at IoT scale”. Quoted in the press release, Atul Bansal, CEO of
Timesys, said “As IoT deployments skyrocket in number and size, the
attack surface of devices grows exponentially. Our new TRST offering enables
device developers to bring products to market faster without compromising
security and to maintain stronger security in production deployment.”

Red Hat OpenStack Platform 13 is now available. This is a “long-life
release”, which comes with up to three years of standard support, and
optional two years of extended life-cycle support. This release has many new
features, including “fast forward upgrades”, and it now supports
containerization of all OpenStack services. OpenStack Platform 13 also
delivers several new integrations with Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform,
and it has many new hardened security services. See the Red
Hat blog post
for more information.

The Wi-Fi Alliance this week introduced Wi-Fi Certified WPA3, which “adds new
features to simplify Wi-Fi security, enable more robust authentication, and
deliver increased cryptographic strength for highly sensitive data markets”.
According to the press
, “As the Wi-Fi industry transitions to WPA3 security, WPA2
devices will continue to interoperate and provide recognized security.” In
addition, “All WPA3 networks use the latest security methods, disallow
outdated legacy protocols, and require use of Protected Management Frames
(PMF) to maintain resiliency of mission critical networks.”

SoftMaker FreeOffice 2018 for Linux and Windows has been updated to
revision 934. New features include formatting now can be transferred
using the format painter, and
you can add comments and footnotes documents. There’s also a new tool for Linux users
to help with
technical problems, and support for encrypted
DOCX documents also has been improved. You can download FreeOffice 2018 free
of charge from here.

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