openSUSE Leap 15 Now Offering Images for RPis, Another Security Vulnerability for Intel, Trusted News Chrome Extension and More

News briefs for June 14, 2018.

openSUSE Leap 15, released two weeks ago, is now offering images for Raspberry Pis, Beagle
Boards, Arndale board, CuBox-i computers, OLinuXino and more. See the openSUSE
blog post
for more information on how “makers can leverage openSUSE Leap
15 images for aarch64 and Armv7 on Internet of Things (IoT) and embedded
devices” and for download links.

Intel yesterday announced yet another security vulnerability with its Core-based
microprocessors. According to ZDNet,
Lazy FP state restore “can theoretically pull data from your programs,
including encryption software, from your computer regardless of your
operating system.” Note that Lazy State does not affect AMD processors.

Adblock Plus creators, eyeo, have introduced a beta Chrome extension
called Trusted News, which “will use blockchain to help you verify
whether a site is trustworthy”, Engadget
. It currently uses four established fact-checker sites, but “the
eventual plan is to decentralize the database with the Ethereum blockchain
and use game-like token mechanics to reward everyday users for submitting
feedback while protecting against trolls.”

Untangle yesterday released
NG Firewall 14.0
. New features include “enhanced support of SD-WAN
networking architectures in order to reduce costs for businesses with
distributed, branch and remote offices and enable fast and flexible
deployment, while ensuring a consistent security posture.”

The Linux Foundation yesterday announced the schedule of sessions and
speakers for its Open Source Summit North America, August 29–31,
in Vancouver, BC. You can see the full schedule here.

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