Chrome 67 Released, New Version of RaspAnd, SEGA Mega Drive and Genesis Classics Now Available for Linux and More

News briefs for May 30, 2018.

Chrome 67 has been released, and it includes several security fixes
as well as default support for WebAuthn, which provides “a way to sign up to
websites using biometrics like fingerprints or facial images stored in a
smartphone, or USB hardware like Yubikey’s authentication device”, ZDNet
. Chrome 67 also features new APIs for augmented and virtual

RaspAnd developer Arne
Exton announced yesterday
the new version of his
Android-based OS for the Raspberry Pi. This build is based on Android 7.1.2
Nougat, and Exton says “RaspAnd 7.1.2 Build 180529 can be
used with the official Raspberry Pi 7 inch touchscreen and Big TV Screens.”
He also mentions that Bluetooth now works for the very first time and video
performance in Kodi 18.0 has improved.

SEGA Mega Drive and Genesis Classics are now available for Linux.
According to GamingOnLinux,
they’ve also added new features, including two-player online multiplayer,
leaderboards, challenge modes, VR support and more. In addition, they have
also lowered the price to $29.99 for the whole collection, which is available
on Steam.

LWN reports a large set
of stable kernel updates this morning: “4.16.13
(272 patches), 4.14.45 (496
patches), 4.9.104 (329
patches), 4.4.134 (268
patches) and 3.18.111 (185 patches)”.

Plex now supports podcasts, and according to the Engadget
, “It’s also free, helps contain all your
media—including photos, music, news and videos—in one place, and
doesn’t make passive aggressive subscription requests. In fact there isn’t
any subscription required at all.”

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