Blockchain: Exciting, Maybe World-Changing. Also, Overrated

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Bruno Skvorc is a blockchain and Solidity developer and consultant. A former web developer until JavaScript “drove him away”, he now exclusively works on smart contract auditing, development and consulting/training at He also owns, an onboarding platform for crypto enthusiasts.

When he’s not immersed in all things blockchain, he tries to make time for VR, gaming and hiking. His goal is to retire by 35 so he can become a proper gamer again. Add him on Steam or Oculus: ID: TheSwader.

1. Which tech idea or trend excites you the most at the moment?


I don’t care much about the investment side or speculations, more the web 3.0 blockchain side of Ethereum, the decentralized, censorship-free web.

2. Why?

Three parts, in descending order.

I love the tech. I’m looking forward to being deeply involved with it and building indestructible applications of the future.

I love being in on the ground floor. As someone who physically couldn’t be involved with the dot com boom (being too young and also in what was basically a 3rd world country [Croatia] at the time), I’m thrilled by the prospect of being able to make my own name in a brand new space that’s just getting off the ground. Very rarely does someone get the chance to hit the ground running in a brand new industry so I’m very excited about the endless possibilities where it might take me career-wise.

The quick buck is always at the back of my mind. It really is still a venue for quick and easy money if you know what you’re doing, so a lot of us are going to retire early.

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