How Faraday Future’s former ‘savior’ plans to take on the EV market

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As Faraday Future careened toward what looked like certain doom late last year, the man who was brought in to fix the company’s financial woes resigned. He was fed up, according to former employees, with facing resistance from the company’s founder (and now CEO) to his suggestions of how to stop the financial bloodletting. In the weeks that followed, that man — Stefan Krause, a former BMW and Deutsche Bank executive — remained in negotiations to come back to Faraday Future if certain demands were met. But when the two sides couldn’t come to an agreement, Faraday Future issued an excoriating (and excruciating) public takedown of Krause and CTO (and fellow former BMW executive) Ulrich Kranz that claimed the two were fired for “malfeasance…

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