11 Best Black Friday Deals for Linux Users

Brief: Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals that should be of interest to many Linux users. The deals are on Linux gadgets, courses, books, magazines, merchandises, and servers.

To the American readers of It’s FOSS, happy thanksgiving!

Black Friday is here which means it is time for some crazy discounts and deals. Good thing is that you don’t have to be an American to enjoy the discounts.

Black Friday tradition has caught up with many other countries as well. Internet-specific products are anyway available in almost all countries. Which means, the Black Friday is a global event now.

But finding Black Friday deals of your interest is a daunting task. Even if you spend the entire day on the internet looking for good deals, chances are that you would still miss a good deal.

And this is why I created this page to collect the best Black Friday deals for Linux users. Keep your wallet ready. Here are the deals!

Best Black Friday deals for Linux users

Best Black Friday Deals for Linux Users

I have grouped deals together. Gadget deals are listed together, online courses are in one group and so on. Most of these deals are time sensitive so you have to act fast to grab the offer in time.

I’ll also take this occasion to introduce our new project, Linux Deals. This website will offer you exclusive Linux related deals all year round.

1. Linux Foundation Certification Courses at $179 instead of $599 with free Linux t-shirt and mugs

This has to be the best offer for anyone serious about making a career in Linux.

Linux Foundation, the official non-profit organization behind Linux, offers several certifications. These certifications are trusted in the job market and they give your resume a boost, landing you a job or career change.

These certification courses cost $599 usually, but until 29th of November, you can get it in just $179. Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Exam preparation material for 1 year
  • 2 takes on the exam
  • 1 Linux t-shirt
  • 1 Linux mug

This offer is available on the following certifications:

See, I told you that this is the best Black Friday deal for Linux career aspirants. 

2. 57% Off on 1-Year subscription of Linux Academy

Linux Academy has become a prominent name in Linux training. You’ll find a number of online courses created by experts on Linux related technologies. 

Linux Academy offers a monthly subscription of $19 per month. But you can get the yearly plan for just $149.

If you opt for this plan, you also get 10% discount on various Linux certification exam fee.

Linux Academy 1-Year Subscription

3. Various Linux courses for just $10 on Udemy

If you think the above two deals are a bit on the expansive side and perhaps not suited for your need, you can try Udemy.

You’ll find a number of Linux courses on Udemy and the good thing is that all of them are priced just $10 (or equivalent in your currency).

I suggest that you go for the courses with either best-seller tag or that has good reviews. This would be the best affordable deal of this Black Friday season.

Linux Courses on Udemy

4. 50% Off on Bash it Out book 

Do you remember our Bash scripting puzzle challenge book Bash it Out? We are giving away 50% off on this eBook. Which means you get this awesome book to test your Bash scripting knowledge for just 1.5 Euro. You just need to use the coupon code BFRIDAY at the checkout time. And did I say it’s DRM-free?

Get Bash it Out for just 1.5 Euro

5. 20% off on Linux Format and Linux User and Developer magazines

Linux Format and Linux User and Developer are among the best Linux magazines. Both magazines are published by the same UK based publishing house.

You can get a limited time 20% off on the subscription of both the magazines, either in print or digital format.

20% off on Linux User & Developer Magazine

20% off on Linux Format Magazine

6. All eBooks from Apress at $9.99

Apress is a New York based publisher of IT books. It has some good books on Linux. Though these books are usually in the range of $30-$40 range, you can get them in just $9.99.

There is also discount on the print edition. You can browse through the books on its website. 

Linux Books from Apress

7. 15% discount on Dell laptops

Dell is one of the largest sellers of Linux laptops. It’s XPS 13 Ubuntu edition is one of the best Linux laptops you can get. I bought it in last Black Friday sale and saved around 150 Euro. 

There are sales on Dell laptops again this year. However, this is not generic as the discount varies from devices to devices and region to region. In France, the discount is 15%.

You may have to search for Ubuntu laptops on the website as Dell doesn’t display it in the main catalog.

15% Off on Dell Linux Laptops

8. $50 OFF on elementary OS Laptops from Alpha

Alpha Store debuted by introducing the first elementary OS laptop called LiteBook. Since then, it has increased its inventory. They have new laptop series called Centurion with better configuration.

It is available in two models:

You’ll also get $50 off on the SSD model of the low-cost LiteBook.

$50 Off on elementary OS laptops from Alpha

9. Various discount on Ubuntu laptops from System76

System76 needs no introduction. They deal exclusively with Ubuntu based hardware. You get premium Ubuntu based laptops, mini-PCs, desktops and servers. 

System76 is running its Black Friday deal and is offering discounts from $30 to $900 depending on what you are purchasing and how you upgrade your configuration.

More details can be found on their website.


10. 100 Euro off on Slimbook Linux laptops

Slimbook got into the limelight with the launch of the first KDE exclusive laptop. The laptops are of premium quality and pricing. But the good thing is that you can get 100 Euro off on all the models until 26th November.

100 Euro off on Slimbook

11. 30% off on Linux and programming stickers on Unixstickers

If you are looking for Linux related merchandise, look no further than Unixstickers. You can get stickers for your favorite Linux distribution and open source project, pins, badges, mugs and t-shirts.

The best thing here is that they are the official merchandise partner of many open source projects and part of the sale actually goes to the project. In addition to that, they choose an open source project per month to donate them. 

Don’t wait as their offer is only for 48 hours.

30% Off on all stickers on Unixstickers

What’s your pick?

This post contains some affiliate links. Please read our affiliate policy in that regard. If you are looking for more Black Friday deals, head over to Linux Deals and check out there.

I hope this post helps you save some money. Meanwhile, why don’t you share what you already got in this Black Friday sale?  

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